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Service & Repairs


Standard Service: £15  –  complete check, and adjustment
Puncture repair: £20 per tyre
Solid tyre installation : £20 per tyre.
Throttle installation: £15 .
Handbrake installation: £15
Front Light installation: £15
Rear mudguard and tail light installation: £10
Battery  installation: £20
Controller or motherboard installation: £20
Dashboard instation: £20
Water proof: £15
Brake pads instation: £10
Disk installation: £10
Falcon Lock installation: £15

Please Note: All service replacement parts including brake pads, brake cable and any other items needed will be charged at the current in-store price.


Our bicycle service will keep your bike well maintained making it easier and safer to ride.  We carry out a thorough checkover on your bicycle. We pay particular attention to the common parts which fail during day to day use, highlighting any issues of concern. This means less likelihood of your bike needing a repair and less chance of you being stuck by the side of the road!

We offer a bicycle service with prices starting as low as £30 for our Standard Cycle service. Why not drop your bicycle off with us for a service when you carry on with your daily activities.  We can usually ensure your bike is available to collect later the same day. Call us now to make a booking!

£35 Standard Bicycle Service Includes:

  • Check Brakes for proper operation/alignment adjust and replace brake pad/cables where necessary.
  • Tune Up gears front and rear for proper operation and check alignment, adjust if necessary.
  • Clean chain and lubricate, check for wear.
  • Clean Wheel brake surface, check for wear. Check for loose or broken spokes.
  • Frame and forks check nuts and bolts for correct tightness, tighten where necessary, check for any visual signs of damage or cracks.
  • Check tyres for wear and damage, pump to correct pressure.
  • Check cranks, Bottom Bracket, headset, steering for any play or movement.

Please Note: All service replacement parts including Inner/outer Cables, brake pads, brake cable guides and any other items needed will be charged at the current in-store price.

Brake servicing only covers V-Type, Cantilever, Caliper and Cable Disc brakes. We do not service bicycle hydraulic disc brakes.

Brompton Bicycle Service £40.00

We carry out exactly the same checks/adjustments as the standard service above but at the slightly higher (but still very reasonable) cost of £40.00.

Labour prices for additional items that may need replacement or adjustment: (Does not apply to Brompton.)

True Wheel £ 15.00 Additional £1.00 per spoke broken.
Fit New Gear Cable £ 5.00
Fit/Service Bottom Bracket £ 10.00
Fit/Service Headset £ 10.00
Fit New Chain £ 10.00
Fit New Chainset £ 10.00
Fit New Front/Rear Gears £ 10.00
Fit New Cassette/Freewheel £ 10.00
Fit New Tyres (per wheel) £ 10.00
Fit New Wheels (per wheel) £ 10.00
Fit New Bars/Stem £ 10.00
Fit New Levers (Brake) £ 10.00
Fit New Grips (Pair) £ 10.00
Fit New Gear Shifters (Pair) £ 10.00
Fit New Forks £ 15.00

Bonus: Any accessories you purchase from us and would like fitted when we carry out a service on your bicycle ie: Saddles, Rear/Front Carrier, Mudguards, Lights, Locks, Bells, Luggage pannier/bar/rack bags..will be fitted free of charge.

All the above are Labour Prices Only (they do not include the cost of any parts) and apply only for parts supplied by us. Parts costs will be charged in addition to the above prices at our current retail prices.
Labour for parts supplied by the customer for fitting by us will be quoted at the time of booking or when you leave your bicycle with us.
Any prices/services not listed above please phone/email for prices/details.

Assemble bike

We charge £35 to assemble a bike.

We are not a traditional high street shop, so we do not have the large overheads associated with a traditional shop. We want you to keep riding a safe and well maintained bicycle! We have experienced mechanics, a fully kitted out traditional bicycle workshop and we only use quality parts/accessories, oils and lubes.

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Monday to Friday – Appointment time slots to repair your Xiaomi M365 & Xiaomi Pro is available between 10am –  5pm.

Saturday & Sunday  –  Open  Only with a Prior Arrangement 

Repair work only by a prior agreed appointment.  Please ring or text us on 07588802664 for an appointment. With an appointment, repair work will be done there and then.

To pick up parts or accessories, please ring or text us before coming to the store.